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Hard floor cleaning and maintenance in Nairobi Kenya

Don’t lose hope in your floor yet, let us restore it and save you money from replacing it! Our hard floor cleaning service in Nairobi Kenya is suitable for hardwood, slate and stone, and vinyl types of flooring. You can get it on the weekends and bank holidays. Hard floor cleaning in Nairobi Kenya

The floor cleaning service comes with a number of benefits, some of them are:

  • Usage of natural ingredients including citrus and pine oils;
  • industry leader’s equipment;
  • Working with pet- and child-friendly solutions;

How the pros do it with thorough floor cleaning

So, let us guide you through the steps which the vetted, insured and certified professionals follow while performing a hard floor cleaning:

Assessing the type of surface in order to use proper solutions and techniques.
Moving all furniture that is needed. We advise to have the area which requires treatment cleared before technicians’ arrival but they can help if needed.
Vacuuming and removing dust, dirt, and other debris in order to prepare the surface.
Testing a small area with the most appropriate solution, then spraying the rest.
Drying the surface which takes up to 2 hours on average.
Applying a protection layer only if the surface requires it: seal, polish, wax

Hard floor cleaning in Nairobi Kenya performed by experts – Have your hard floor’s pristine look and shine restored with the help of a professional service.

What’s included in our professional hard floor cleaning service?

We will send an experienced hard floor cleaning technician to your property on the appointed date. He will bring with him all of the professional equipment needed to tackle the job. The cleaner will then carefully inspect your floor in order to determine the most suitable technique to clean it.

Depending on the type of floor you have, the technician will choose one of the following cleaning methods:

Sealed Floor Cleaning Method

The floor surface will be scrubbed with a hard floor cleaning machine which has a mash pad attached at the end. This helps remove the top layer of the floor’s sealant. The technician will then spread a special cleaning solution all over the floor and leave it to settle for a while. This solution will soak up all the accumulated dirt and grime from the surface. When the time is up, the technician will use a special extraction machine to remove the cleaning solution along with all of the dislodged unsanitary agents. Finally, the floor will be sprayed with the right sealant and you will be left with a perfectly clean and protected floor.

Polished Floor Cleaning Method

We use this method when cleaning linoleum and vinyl floors. After the cleaner performs the initial inspection, the floor will be thoroughly cleaned and mopped. A special stripping solution is then applied to the floor and left for about 15 minutes. When that time passes, the cleaner will use a rotary-type of machine with mash pads to strip the polish. This way the old layer of polish will be removed along with all the accumulated dirt. Afterwards, the floor will be thoroughly mopped with a neutraliser. Lastly, a new layer of polish is applied depending on the type of floor you have. Once this is done, you will need to wait two to three hours before you can walk on it again.

Regular Rotary Cleaning

Of course, if your floor doesn’t need recoating, then the technician will just clean it thoroughly. He will spray it with a special cleaning solution that will dislodge any residing grime which he will then clean with the help of a rotary machine.

Why book a professional hard floor cleaning service in Nairobi Kenya

Our hard floor cleaning services are suitable for a wide variety of floors and are available for both commercial and residential properties. The expert cleaners we work with can restore your floor’s good looks and glaze regardless of its type. As part of this service, we clean the following types of flooring: laminate, engineered and solid wood, terracotta, linoleum, ceramic or thermoplastic tiles, terrazzo, granite, vinyl, and more.

When performing the service the cleaners use the latest professional equipment available on the market and the appropriate detergents when needed. Our hard floor cleaning service is both time-saving and effective. And best of all, all of our cleaners are fully insured so you have nothing to worry about while your service takes place.

floor pest control fumigation spraying disinfection farm plants treatment cleaning nairobi kenya
floor pest control fumigation spraying disinfection farm plants treatment cleaning nairobi kenya



We provide specialized pest control services in Kenya,  to deal with all kinds of pests. From a small mouse to a big infestation of rats or pigeons, we cover it all. Below are some of the pests we deal with but please give us a call regardless of your pest issue as there is no pest to surprise us anymore!

We are one of the largest pest control companies in Kenya, which aims to provide quality products for complete protection over several biological agents. Pest Professional Services offers a varied range of professional and environment-friendly products, including general pest control and sanitization services. Our professionally trained pest control management, innovation capabilities, the uniqueness of product formulation, and pest manufacturing facilities different Pest Professional Services from their competitive individuals. The main focus of Pest Professional Services is to behold the best facilities available for controlling pests and providing the same to the customers.

  1. Bed Bugs removal Service in Kenya
  2. Mosquitoes Control Service in Kenya
  3. Cockroach Controls Service in Kenya
  4. Termite Control Service in Kenya
  5. Rodent control Service in Kenya
  6. Aphids control Service in Kenya
  7. Ants control Service in Kenya
  8. Spider Control Service in Kenya
  9. Weed & Herbs control Service in Kenya
  10. Bugs control  Service in Kenya

The commitment towards the sustainable development of society with their professional pest control services is the fundamental block of Pest Professional Services. Ranging from complete home protection from mosquitos, bed bugs, cockroaches etc., providing best pest control services and from viruses/bacteria by availing sanitization facilities makes Pest Professional Services – the best pest control services at Nairobi.

pest control fumigation farm garden treatment cleaning services nairobi kenya
pest control fumigation farm garden treatment cleaning services nairobi kenya

Bed Bug Control in KENYA

Bed bugs are the class of parasites that causes significant damages to furniture, curtains, and mattresses. But don’t worry! With Pest Professional Services bed bugs control services, get rid of bed bugs in no time!

Mosquitoes Control in KENYA

Mosquitoes are the cause behind Dengue, Chikungunya, Malaria, and what not! Let’s fight together with Pest Professional Services.

Pre & Post Construction Anti Termite in KENYA

Termites are dangerous for both humans and wooden materials at home. They can sometimes cause itchiness and even asthma attacks if left untreated. Let’s select Pest Professional Services!

Cockroaches Control in KENYA

When it comes to contaminating food or any other household item, cockroaches play a major role. Get rid of cockroaches safely with Pest Professional Services!

Wood Borer Treatment in KENYA

Wood borers are responsible for keeping your woody substances dry. Using Pest Professional Services is the ultimate solution to your wood borer control problems!

Rat Control in KENYA

Rats are responsible for causing a mess to your clothes or eating items. Let’s get rid of them by availing Pest Professional Services! Let’s be rat-free!

Honeybees Removal in KENYA

Honeybees are famous for their dangerous bites and after-bite swallow. Removing them with Pest Professional Services is the only solution to get yourself and your family safe.

Flies Control in KENYA

Flies are responsible for having a severe bite on your body. It can swallow, or it can convert into a painful event. But, with Pest Professional Services, you don’t have to worry.

Snake Control in KENYA

Snakes are known for their venom that can kill a human in a couple of minutes. For your and your family’s security, contact Pest Professional Services and tackle the harmful snake.

Ant, Spider & Lizard Control in KENYA

Pest Professional Services also offers general pest control services to customers in need. With ant, spider, and lizard control, we provide complete protection to your home.

Mosquitoes carry diseases that can affect humans with Zika virus, yellow fever, malaria, and dengue. They are one of the dangerous animals that accounts for millions of deaths in a year. Pest Professional Services provides the best pest control services in KENYA by employing highly trained technicians at your premises. With proper mosquito control by innovative machines, Pest Professional Services is the only solution to avoid dangerous mosquitoes lying on your back.

Cockroaches belong to a hazardous species whose initial focus is to disinfect humans with their unhygienic manners. Hence, it’s a necessity to get rid of their suspicious behavior. With availing best cockroach control services from Pest Professional Services, your family will be ever secure from all the problems regarding them in the present and future.

We are a team of top-notch technicians, and hence, it’s our primary focus to assist our customers in all possible ways. Therefore, there’s no question not to get satisfied with the Pest Professional Services.

If you are interested in avoiding pests at your home, Pest Professional Services will be more than happy to assist our customers in every possible way. For more details, one can check out our “Work Process” and get familiarize with our procedure.

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