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Snake Control Services in Nairobi: Understanding Snake Attraction, Dangers, and Elimination

Snakes are fascinating creatures, but having them in and around your home can be a cause for concern. Understanding what attracts snakes to homes, the dangers they pose, and how to get rid of them is essential. In Nairobi, professional snake control services can assist in dealing with snake-related issues effectively.

What Attracts Snakes to Homes?

Snakes are attracted to homes for various reasons, including:

1. Shelter: Snakes seek shelter in cool, dark, and quiet spaces. Basements, crawl spaces, and cluttered areas provide ideal hiding spots.

2. Food: If your property has a rodent or insect problem, snakes may be drawn to the abundance of potential prey.

3. Water Sources: Snakes need water to survive, so leaky pipes or standing water can attract them.

4. Vegetation: Overgrown gardens or yards can provide hiding places for snakes, especially if they are home to rodents.

Dangers Posed by Snakes:


While many snakes are harmless, Nairobi is home to several venomous snake species, including the Puff Adder and the Black Mamba. Even non-venomous snakes can pose risks, as their bites may cause infection or allergic reactions. The dangers of having snakes in or around your home include:

1. Venomous Bites: Venomous snake bites can be life-threatening, causing severe pain, swelling, and tissue damage. Immediate medical attention is crucial in such cases.

2. Fear and Anxiety: The presence of snakes can cause fear and anxiety, especially among family members or pets.

3. Property Damage: Snakes may damage property by hiding in walls, under floors, or in garden structures.

Getting Rid of Snakes:

If you encounter snakes on your property or inside your home, it’s essential to take appropriate steps to eliminate them safely. Here’s what you can do:

1. Identify the Snake: Determine if the snake is venomous or non-venomous. Keep a safe distance and avoid provoking it.

2. Remove Attractants: Address the factors that may attract snakes. Seal cracks and crevices in your home, fix leaks, and reduce clutter.

3. Professional Snake Control Services in Nairobi: For safe and effective snake removal, consider hiring professional snake control services in Nairobi. They have the expertise and equipment to identify, capture, and relocate snakes safely.

4. Prevention: To prevent future snake infestations, maintain a well-kept yard, trim overgrown vegetation, and secure outdoor garbage containers to discourage rodents. Additionally, ensure your home is properly sealed to prevent snake entry.

5. Educate Yourself: Learn about the snake species in Nairobi and their habitats. Understanding their behavior can help you take appropriate precautions.

6. Avoid DIY Snake Handling: Handling snakes, especially venomous ones, can be extremely dangerous. It’s best to leave snake removal to experts.

In Nairobi, professional snake control services can provide peace of mind when dealing with snake infestations. They have the knowledge and experience to handle these reptiles safely and effectively, ensuring the safety of your family and pets. If you encounter snakes in or around your home, don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance to address the issue promptly and responsibly.





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